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Similac® & Enfamil® Baby Formula Linked to Injuries and Deaths from NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) in Premature and Low Birthweight Babies.

Advocate Law Group Network Attorneys Currently Reviewing Claims for Substantial Damages Against the Manufacturers of Similac® and Enfamil® and their Insurers. 

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Baby Formula Linked to NEC

 Advocate Law Attorneys Currently Reviewing Baby Formula Lawsuits 

Why are the Makers of Similac & Enfamil being sued? The two types of baby formula most associated with NEC lawsuits are Similac® and Enfami. Despite years of research linking cow milk-based formula to NEC for premature infants, Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, the huge corporations that manufacture these popular baby formula brands, promoted them as safe for all infants. They even suggested their baby formula was superior to breast milk. However, they withheld important safety information from parents, hospitals, and medical providers about the possible severe side effects of  Similac® or Enfamil®. Side effects may require surgical intervention or result in death among preemies and low birthrate babies. 

          Your family may be entitled to compensation for your suffering, medical costs, lost wages,                   and more if your Baby was:

Born prematurely (34 gestational weeks or less)

Given Similac® or Enfamil® formula

Diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), and

Suffered wrongful infant death or had to undergo surgical intervention

Free Baby Formula Case Review

           The Advocate Law Group Network is evaluating potential Enfamil® and Similac® NEC lawsuit claims for people throughout the United States. We are handling all such cases on a contingency fee basis. You will pay nothing up front to have the Advocate Law Group Network of lawyers and experts on baby formula at your side. We will only receive an attorney fee and recover our expenses after we help you and your family receive a settlement or lawsuit payout.

          The manufacturers of Enfamil® and Similac® learned about the severe risks posed by feeding their cow-milk-based baby formula to premature and low birth weight babies. Yet they continued to sell their products to unsuspecting parents and hospitals for years after they knew and hid the risks, generating huge profits at the expense of families like yours. They even claimed their cow’s milk formula was medically endorsed, similar to human breast milk, and just as safe. It was certainly NOT and caused grave harm and deaths to countless premature and low birthweight babies.

          To hold the manufacturers accountable and make them and their insurance companies pay all the compensation you, your Baby, and your family deserves, call us toll-free or complete the form for a free case review. Even if you’re not sure what type of formula was used, or it happened many years ago, contact Advocate Law Group today to see if you or your child’s claim may qualify.

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Actively reviewing cases of babies hospitalized after using the Similac, Alimentum®, and EleCare® formulas recalled by Abbott.